Collins, King Stand Strong Against Dangerous Efforts To Repeal the Affordable Care Act

July 25, 2017

AUGUSTA – Despite efforts by Maine US Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King, Republican leaders in the US Senate today were able to move forward legislation that could deny as many as 32 million Americans health insurance coverage.

“Both US Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King were steadfast in their opposition to this disastrous legislation,” said Ann Woloson of the Together for Medicaid Coalition. “It’s time for the Congress to put aside partisanship and work on a bipartisan solution to that expands access to health care instead of policies that would deny millions of people access to care. We should all be grateful for Sen. Collins courage and willingness to do the right thing.”

The efforts to repeal the ACA include massive tax cuts for wealthy people, paid for by drastic cuts to Medicaid, which would shift enormous costs on to state’s and cost millions of people – including children, seniors and people with disability – their health care.

While the order of votes on other legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act is unclear, the bills under consideration share many elements in common, including:

  • Causes more than 20 million people to lose coverage;
  • Ends Medicaid expansion and cuts the Medicaid programing, hurting seniors, children and people with disabilities;
  • Raises premiums and deductibles for millions of Americans;
  • Undermines protections for people with pre-existing conditions;
  • And cuts taxes for the wealth.


In addition to Collins, who broke with Senate Republicans to oppose this dangerous effort to reorder one-sixth of the US economy, King was a strong opponent of efforts in the Senate to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Maine’s senators have been voices of reason and compassion in Washington,” said Woloson who works with Maine Equal Justice Partners. “They’re efforts have helped to protect health care for millions of people. They both deserve our sincere appreciation for their hard work and commitment on this issue. It’s time to end this terrible effort and for Republicans and Democrats to work together for a bipartisan health care bill, which will expand access to care and reduce costs for American families.”

There will be additional votes over the coming days on in the Senate, and we are asking that Collins and King remain strong and advocate for a bipartisan approach to health care reform.

The Together for Medicaid is a collaborative effort by organizations from across the state that have joined together in opposition to significant changes to Medicaid’s financing structure that would undermine the program.

The TFM leadership team includes Maine Equal Justice Partners, Consumers for Affordable Health Care, Maine People’s Resource Center, the Maine Council on Aging, Maine Children’s Alliance, New Mainer’s Public Health Initiative and the Consumer Council System of Maine.