Sen. Collins Stands Up for Maine With Commitment to Vote ‘No’ on Dangerous ACA Repeal Bill

June 25, 2017


AUGUSTA – US Sen. Susan Collins tonight said that she would not support the effort in the US Senate to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

On Twitter, the Senator highlighted the impacts of the Senate bill based on the analysis released today by the Congressional Budget Office.

“I want to work w/ my GOP & Dem colleagues to fix the flaws in the ACA. CBO analysis shows Senate bill won’t do it. I will vote no …” Collins Tweeted. “CBO says 22 million people lose insurance; Medicaid cuts hurt most vulnerable Americans; access to healthcare in rural areas threatened. Senate bill doesn’t fix ACA problems for rural Maine. Our hospitals are already struggling. 1 in 5 Mainers are on Medicaid.”

In response to Collins’ announcement, Maine Equal Justice Partners released the following statement.

“With her ‘no’ vote, Sen. Collins is standing with Mainers who rely upon Medicaid for health care and who would be hurt by this effort to repeal of the Affordable Care Act,” said Ann Woloson of Maine Equal Justice Partners. “Sen. Collins clearly read the CBO analysis and recognized that the Senate bill would hurt thousands of people in Maine and that it would be devastating to our hospitals, reducing access to health care and killing jobs.”

The Senate bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act would reduce the number of insured in the country by 15 million in 2018 and by 22 million in 2026. In addition, it includes reduced subsidies for individuals on the private market, eliminates important consumer protections and would make health insurance unaffordable for many low-income Mainers.

Collins joins Sen. Angus King who has also announced he opposes the Senate measure.

“Thank you to Sen. Collins for saying ‘no’ to this cruel legislation,” Woloson said.

Maine Equal Justice Partners is a civil legal aid organization that represents Maine people with low income in areas of economic security, including access to health care. They are a member of the Together for Medicaid leadership team. Together for Medicaid is a collaborative effort by organizations from across the state that have joined together in opposition to significant changes to Medicaid’s financing structure that would undermine the program.